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The Terraces No. 24
By William Mallory
Photographs by Jessica Licciardello

The place in general creeped me out. I enjoyed the fact that I was feeling something. So both Jess and myself started photographing the house from the street. I went through a couple snapshots off of my Canon, then just as I thought I might have seen something or felt something behind the curtain next to the door, the camera jammed, then it shut itself off completely. I took off the lens and had a problem putting it back on. It was stuck, out of nowhere. It immediately brought me back to the incident in Lincoln Park. I have to say this place was more than haunted with its eerie landscape and obvious neglect. It spoke. The house wanted me to know that. The words themselves were unnecessary, but it knew that too. It just wanted to tell us that something happened here. The wounds were deep and the years trying. And just as I was about to capture the photograph through the living room window, the camera decided to quit out on me and break, the shot jammed and couldn’t follow through. The camera looks just about done for. The house still stands, though creepy as it looks. We both felt it haunted, and my camera was the a victim of my curiosity.