by William Mallory

Robert Erskine, who is buried there beside another tomb, was a famous geographer and map drawer for George Washington. It is rumor that he wants to come out of his grave so much that he moves the bricks that surround his tomb. It is knowledge to the staff of the legend of the these graves tombs, as we were pointed by the Manager to the supposed spot where this phenomena is occurring. Sure enough we spotted a brick that looked as if it was breaking out of the tomb. The story has it that the bricks surrounding the tomb of Robert Erskine are constantly being pushed out from the inside. The groundskeeper constantly has to rearrange the bricks and push them back in. The grounds felt haunted, the cemetery was creepy and had an agitation that came in the form of gnats and humidity. The picturesque landscapes also gave off the notion that something was there; it was there a long time ago and is there today.

The odd statues, one being a man with devil horns and another was a woman looking away from the mansion, had its own eerie addition to what was a landscape of spooky views for our camera to capture. One can almost feel the presence of someone behind the statues as they posed for the camera. The Ringwood Manor has a variable in its favor that the grounds around it are haunted. It lies on grounds that contain iron, that was previously mined there, and evidence of natural rose quartz deposits. We’d have to concur on our senses that something was going on there that was not exactly normal, something of a devilish nature underneath it all that we might not know of, possibly an ugly past filled with as many secrets as the house poses mysteries. 

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